Published Work

As a creative writer and floral artist, I have featured work as both in various magazines and publications around flowers and the wedding industry. From meditation and healing to specialized techniques and avant-garde design, my work as a creative thought-leader has been influential and a deeply joyful part of this job!


The importance of floral design

“I believe in the importance of finding the deeper colors and hidden rooms of your soul. One of the reasons why I fell in love with floral design is that it creates space for just that kind of work.”

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Romantic crooked willow farms

“This cozy, 90 acre venue tucked away in Plum Valley offers breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains. The indoor and outdoor space is pure bliss and intimate for a "getaway feel" wedding. The flowers and decor were kept feminine and romantic, and the trough mobile bar added a little fun and excitement.”

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“I believe that by the way we think about design and what we communicate in our creations, and by the way we conduct our businesses – actively knitting a family around us as we work – a wedding can serve as a public signpost of hope in a city.”

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What is ikebana? The mechanics of Ancient Japanese Floral Design

“Even if you haven’t heard of ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of floristry, you’ve probably seen its influence. Purposeful, feeling floral design and fine art floral design—to my particular joy—have become popularized and publicly celebrated in recent years. Those striking and sparse table designs aren’t necessarily a modern trend born of minimalism or abstract art; many are actually informed by the Japanese floral practice of ikebana.”

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